All components are designed to be functional; internal spaces are divided in order to optimize efficiency. Cupboards and drawer units are made to be flexible, allowing easy organization of the kitchen. Available in 62 1/8" and 90 1/2" heights, the cupboards accommodate various containers and a range of appliances. Drawers slide on aluminium guides, can be completely removed, and are equipped with containers to organize utensils. The doors, too, are steel, and are insulated with foam to guarantee maximum sound absorption.

Waste disposal units are designed with flush-fitting differentiated containers with the dissipater placed under the sink.

At KiPro, design serves functionality. Handles, for instance, are recessed into the thickness of the door, a feature that guarantees both a clean look and safety. And, unlike traditional kitchen fixtures, KiPro components have a diagonally-recessed base, a feature that makes it easier to access the work area. Countertops have raised edges to prevent drips and spillage. Locking wheels can used on any element in the kitchen from ovens to drawer units, permitting a sliding but stable base on which to build a personal kitchen to match individual needs. Cone shaped feet and slim legs support agile work stations/equipment tables adding an element of formal lightness to the system.


An attention to detail and particulars, indispensable for creating practical and functional kitchens, derives from our long experience and culture of serving the professional world.

The slope of the baseboard, recessed handles molded into the thickness of the door, unique work surfaces, the design of backsplashes, and no-drip edges are expressions of function, hygiene and efficiency.


Then of course there is the material: ultramodern Aisi 304 stainless steel with a Scotch Brite finish. The aesthetic achieved from this material is immediately identifiable with the professional kitchen. Steel of this type is extremely hygienic, solid, tough, and durable. Where alternatives to stainless-steel surfaces are desired, the KiPro system can accommodate butcher block, synthetic, or natural stone countertops. The true innovation of this product, however, is that steel used throughout. Unlike other domestic steel kitchens that use coated and veneered wooden frames to support the structure, KiPro is metal from start to finish.

The Scotch Brite counters have a special, non-directed glazed finish that hides fingerprints, small scratches and marks. This single-surface solution also eliminates gaps and joints between surfaces make cleaning difficult.

Large wash basins welded to the edge of the counters eliminate joints and give surfaces a clean, pristine appearance. The air induction system is as quiet as it is powerful. Professional cowls are also available with labyrinth filters.

The use of stainless steel in every part of every component demonstrates KiPro's dedication to the principles of rationality, modernity and technology. KiPro kitchens are aesthetically unique, simple, solid, durable, and safe.


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