"KiPro redesigns the professional stainless-steel kitchen for domestic use."

KiPro, a division of the world-famous Italian professional kitchen firm, Digrim, presents an entire professional-level stainless steel kitchen system for the domestic environment. KiPro products made their North American debut at the Chicago Design Show in the Fall of 2001.

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The Idea

Everyone dreams of owning a professional kitchen, but few have sufficient space to accommodate it. Digrim, with its thorough knowledge of the products offered by the industry, noted that a professional kitchen constructed totally of stainless steel was unavailable for the domestic market – despite the demand for such a kitchen. So, after a careful research among its supplier companies, Digrim directed its subsidiary, KiPro, to develop a series of professional kitchen products for the home that retain all the qualities of a professional setting. KiPro balances industry and craftsmanship to make it possible to accommodate the size, beauty and excellence of the professional kitchen into the domestic environment.


To make the dream of a professional kitchen for domestic use a reality, KiPro thoroughly analyzed all aspects of the professional kitchen. The company started with the premise that the kitchen is the most difficult element to design and install in the home. To compound matters, the space also represents 25% of the total cost of a home, making it by far the most expensive area in the house. In addition, KiPro noted that details that are taken for granted in commercial kitchens can pose problems in a domestic setting.

After reviewing their data, one thing kept surfacing – unlike professional kitchens that have many universal elements, the home setting has a number of variables, making it impossible to design a standard kitchen for all homes. KiPro set out to design a system with the ability to adapt to any environment and space. The result is a unique system of components that gives designers and architects the flexibility to cover all aspects of today’s home kitchen, including washing, cooking, preparation, refrigeration and sideboards that are easy to match with any type of flush-fitting household appliance.



KiPro kitchens start with the two depth measurements: 25 1/8" and 29 1/16" to accommodate the specific needs of the domestic kitchen. Because different domestic environments require different layouts, all fittings are designed to be flexible. The KiPro system also includes the ability to inegrate all appliances (including the sink) into a single, stainless-steel island -- permitting a 360° working area typical of the professional kitchen.

Cooking equipment is the central element of any kitchen and, although KiPro has altered some dimensions to better accommodate home use, the company guarantees professional power: robust grills in enamelled cast iron, large anti-spillover surfaces, electric ignitions and a thermocouple safety system. In the European market, the prestigious companies KiPro has engaged for these elements include, Gaggenau, Alpes and Smeg. In North America, Sub-Zero, Thermador, Wolf and Viking appliances also fit easily into the KiPro system. All of course guarantee their products.

See the Materials & Craft page for more information on the construction, materials and refined detailing of KiPro components.


Claudio Bettini, specializes in industrial design and graphics. He created the KiPro system through his studio, Bettinidesign, in Bologna, Italy.

"The heart of the KiPro kitchen is food. Everything else rotates around it. This is a true professional product for the home yet it can be customized just like a traditional modular kitchen. Many of the Digrim professional kitchen elements served as a guide to design the KiPro system. Every piece of equipment, every element – including the use of heat and water come together to create remarkable cuisine – the ultimate goal of this wonderful work."

Bettini’s clients include Agusta elicotteri, BMW, Breda, the Washington Subway, Ferrari, Maserati, Montedison, Riva calzoni, Oto Melara, Ducati, Lamborghini, and Piaggio. He has won various awards and participates in many design exhibitions. Visit Mr. Bettini's web site at www.bettinidesign.it.


Founded in 1976, Digrim purchases and operates professional kitchen systems and equipment. The company carefully researches products in their marketplace then proposes them to its own partners for buying consideration. Once a purchase is complete, Digrim employs a proven system of management and distribution with their suppliers and agents. This allows the company to continually support their sales network and keep them informed of current designs and updates on standards.

In a market where the domestic is increasingly evolving towards the professional, Digrim is pursuing the opposite trend with KiPro. Using their experience in the professional kitchen industry has led Digrim to conceive, design and create the first professional kitchen for the domestic market.


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