Islands and Workstations:  integrated worksystems.


Among KiPro's flagship components is its island -- in which various appliances and functions are integrated into a single, streamlined unit.






The workstation is a lighter variation on the integral system.  Available in two versions, 180cm (70 3/4”) and 240cm (94 1/2”) the table has no built-in cabinetry and lends itself to greater flexibility and a more compact solution.  Slender legs and cone-shaped feet support the table adding an element of formal lightness to the system.  The workstation is priced complete with table, sink, cooktop, faucet, and soap dispenser.  Appliances can be customized to your preference.  See also product diagrams.

To facilitate and enhance normal kitchen operations, the workstation is complemented by a wide range of moveable components.  These include storage units with shelves or drawers, as well as an “oven on wheels.”  These units can be stored under the workstation or nearby as needed.  They are easy to wheel, comfortable to grip and extremely stable.  All are equipped with wheel locks for convenience, secure placement and safety. See also product diagrams.

As with all KiPro products, the KiPro Complete Workstation incorporates ultramodern AISI 304 stainless steel, with its special non-directed scotch brite finish, ensuring maximum solidity, hygiene and toughness for long life.  This finish hides fingerprints as well as small scratches and marks. 


The sink module is designed to be a complete laundry center.  It contains a base cabinet with a pull-out door and wire basket, a compartment (with an overlay door) designed to accommodate a fully-integrated washing machine 60cm (23.6”) wide, and a cabinet with an adjustable shelf.  It includes a sink and pressed tub welded to a stainless steel countertop with a backsplash.  It also includes a faucet and soap dispenser.  It comes in two depths 64cm (25”) and 74cm (29”).  Washing machine not included. See product diagrams.

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